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Why Choose Millennium Digital Technologies?

Many solutions are drop-in and forget with self-management by the merchant.

This is not a situation that lends itself to successful implementation, security, and customer service. With our solution, we are actively engaged through the process to ensure that our solution is properly installed and that it is properly maintained moving forward.

MDTech partners with the merchants as well as their other vendors.

When those vendors need help, we are there extending our support to them. This makes for a better overall experience from the merchant to the vendor to MDTech. With other solutions, the third party vendors are not only not helped but in many cases hindered in their work which has an overall negative impact on the security and the reliability of the merchant’s network. Our vendor partnership and support is second to none in the industry.

We have endeavored to eliminate hidden costs and surprises while offering competitive pricing.

Other solutions have “base” pricing that quickly escalates as you add “options” that really are requirements. With our solutions, we have included substantial functionality as part of our base price meaning no surprises later on. The only features where there are additional charges are for dynamic services where MDTech incurs additional expense such as adding our Netguard™ Cellular Network Backup or putting Anti-Virus on individual workstations.

Unlike our competitors, our technicians are trained and immersed in the third party systems installed on the networks we support.

This means that when problems occur we are uniquely positioned to help all parties come to a satisfactory resolution because we are aware of the operation and function of the third party systems. Competitive solutions end their support at the network port meaning you are on your own for any issues that might happen within the network or other products running on the network. At MDTech, our support extends well into those systems meaning faster time to repair, better overall customer support and reduced support expense.

MDTech is a leading supplier of specialty networking, security, compliance and technology management solutions to verticals such as grocery, retail, hospitality, and parking.

Our Managed Network Solution with TotalPCI provides drop-in PCI Compliance bundled with a comprehensive suite of features and benefits specifically designed to fulfill the most common technology needs found in the typical merchant environment.

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