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Stop losing sales when your internet is down!

The NetGuard™ Cellular Backup Solution is a fully automated whole-network cellular backup that is the modern replacement for dial backup and other landline based backup technologies.

Today’s always-on, cloud -connected environments mean that any interruption to normal internet connectivity can cause a serious impact to business and the potential for substantial lost revenue. In addition, changes to credit processing as the result of EMV require that high speed connectivity always be available to ensure a positive customer experience. NetGuard™ is more reliable that other backup solutions because it is not dependent on landlines between your building and the cellular network. In situations such as truck-versus-pole and natural disasters where significant landline infrastructure has been destroyed, NetGuard™ can make the difference between being open for business or closed indefinitely.


Mitigate risks of lost revenue, poor customer service, brand damage & lost productivity

NetGuard Features & Benefits:

Always-On Connectivity

The NetGuard solution maintains a continuous connection to the internet so that it is always ready to take over in the event that the customer’s primary internet connection(s) are unavailable.

High Speed Data Flow

This solution supports high speed cellular protocols resulting in data rates that are substantially faster than traditional cellular technologies. It is common to experience data rates as fast as or faster than 20×10 with a strong cellular signal.

No Overage Charges

There are no overage charges for backup bandwidth usage. While many consumer grade services offer “unlimited bandwidth” there are in fact many limitations that would prevent those services from being optimal or even allowed for business use. With the NetGuard solution, there is no wondering if backup usage will cause the customer to go over their limits or risk to the merchant of surprise backup bills for excessive bandwidth usage.

Multiples Carrier Support

MDTech will evaluate the customer’s locations to determine the best cellular carrier to use. The NetGuard solution supports Verizon, AT&T and Sprint Networks.

Extensive Coverage

Our extensive nationwide coverage means that just about anywhere a merchant is procession face-to-face transactions that we can also provide the NetGuard service.

Booster Antennas

A wide range of booster antenna options are available to further extend the range of the solution for difficult to service areas. We have had success in connecting merchants as far away as 15+ miles from the nearest cell tower.

Inexpensive Cellular Backup for the Ultimate Up Time

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