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Solving your wireless headaches while securely bridging your wired and wireless networks

Are you frustrated with unreliable WIFI? Are you implementing a new wireless network?

Our Enterprise Wireless Solution provides reliable, optimized and secure wireless access, allowing for maximum freedom and productivity throughout the workplace.



Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna

Provides a much higher performance (over 30%) in terms of coverage, capacity, and throughput of WIFI networks.

Wireless Security

Assures a more secure and robust infrastructure for service continuity and reduced total cost of ownership using built-in intrusion detection technology.


Enables LTE-like seamless mobility and provide an always connected experience when the user/device moves from one access point to another.

Bandwidth Equalization

Guarantees airtime fairness to every device in crowded places (such as conference venues) and for enhanced 1:1 interaction (in classroom environments).

Self-Optimizing Network

Self-optimizes WIFI connectivity and cell configurations to adapt to network conditions and manage overburdened networks.

Advanced Security Module

Provides real-time security monitoring of the wireless environment when coupled with the MDTech Advanced Monitoring option. This is required for most PCI in-scope wireless networks that transmit card holder data.


Robust Network

Get the most of your optimized wireless work environments by providing additional levels of security, voice quality and performance.

Enterprise Freedom

Free to securely work your way, no limits in time, place or device, which contributes to greater potential revenues, always-on, agility and higher efficiency.

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Cost Savings

Dynamic RF configuration and optimization delivers coverage hole detection and correction. This translates into higher uptime, less time for network analysis and reconfiguration.

WiFi Service Quality

The Enterprise Wireless Solution delivers high-quality voice, video and data on more devices within a wider range. This ensures enhanced customer experience, maximum customer engagement and increased loyalty.

Discounts and Special Pricing

Competitive Upgrade Discount

For replacements of any competing wireless solution already installed.
Customer must provide brand and serial number of each AP being replaced.
Customer is free to keep/ sell existing equipment being replaced.

Our Enterprise Wireless Solution utilizes next-generation wireless technology to cut through RF congestion and provide exceptional wireless reliability and security that isn’t unavailable anywhere else.


Multiple MIMO Options

MIMO options including 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4 indicate the maximum number ofsimultaneous data streams that can be transmittedto users. Typical access points support 1 stream so having a 4×4 AP means you essentially have the same capability as 4 independent access points.

Dual Band Transmission

The access point is able to communicate over both the 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz spectrums simultaneously. This capability significantly increases network capability and allows newer wireless client devices to use the substantially less congested 5.0 GHz spectrum.

VLAN and Multiple SSID Support

The APs seamless integrate with switched networks and can be honored on up to 1024 VLANs as needed. Each AP can present up to 16 SSIDs to clients each homed on a different VLAN to maintain network security and segmentation.

3 at Power-over-Ethernet (POE)

All power is supplied over the network drop and no remote power cables or outlets are needed to power the AP.

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