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And train your staff while you’re at it!

If your company has an older security system, beware – cyber criminals are way ahead of you! Learn how to spot a breach early on before it attacks and causes significant damage. If risk management and cyber security sounds like something only large corporations focus on, don’t be fooled. Cyber attacks have become mainstream and sophisticated. It’s no longer enough to use the latest virus detector with confidence your company won’t be a victim. It is time to learn how to spot a breach early on.

Become a Watchdog for “Attack Campaigns”
Most modern attacks happen over time. Malware detection services and products tend to spotlight individual events as they arise. Educate yourself, management and your staff to be on the look for the signals of suspicious activity:

  • Unusually slow devices or Internet
  • Pop-ups and redirections on websites you’re browsing
  • Odd access locations
  • Unusual activity on the network off-hours
  • Multiple failed login attempts
  • Unexplained reboots or computer shutdowns
  • Unwanted software installations
  • Files that are changed without being directed internally
  • Locked out of any accounts without reason
  • Having to request objects or files more than normal
  • Apps and software that auto-launches

Take Advantage of Global Threat Intelligence
Warding off cyber attacks is a multi-layered task. Training your team for signs of a breach is an excellent start. Using the power of the Global Threat intel provided by several organizations around the world, so often word travels faster than the threats. The stats are in! According to a recent report, The SANS State of Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey: CTI Important and Maturing, learned that enterprise companies that use global threat information gained insights that helped avoid cyber disasters. Reviewing the results from the survey demonstrate why it’s a good idea to jump on board:

  • 71% were able to increase visibility of new threats
  • 48% reduced threat episodes
  • 58% noticed faster response times

The disadvantage is that in the sheer amount of available information. The good news is there are products that can automatically absorb and utilize this data.

Enforce Insider Standards within the Company
Insider threats are becoming more prominent and while some are intended to harm the company, many can be avoided by having a strong in-house policy regarding acceptable use of browsers and downloads. Make sure to use the most up-to-date malware and virus detection software and make sure everyone understands any consequences that might be attached to the misuse of company networks. Also, request that all suspicious behaviors of current or past employees and contractors be reported.

Security Analysts detect security gaps
The security team needs complete visibility to discern whether there are holes in the system and locate the weak links. That goes double for having stringent controls when it comes to third-party supplier or partner portals. Security pros have detection tools that will create a hierarchy of alerts and ensure they can view and catch the entirety of any attack campaigns. This comes under real-time monitoring versus scheduled scans. Although hiring an outside service may sound pricey, it is much less expensive than hiring an on-site analyst. Finding a security package that covers all of your concerns is highly cost effective and one of the most efficient ways to ensure system confidence.

In Summary: Using all of these procedures, tools and methods will give you a strong defense for now, however as SMART technology continues to control more of our lives, we will need to stay a step ahead of pitfalls, glitches and chinks in the armor.